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Parents and Citizens association


Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C)

The Green Valley P&C enables parents and guardians to be partners in their child’s education. It is an officially recognised forum where parents, teachers and members of the general community can meet to discuss the welfare of the school.

P&C Executive Committee:

●        Houda Krayem - (President)

●        Shelley Appleyard - (Secretary)

●        Jenny Pan - (Treasurer)

●        TBA - (Parent Representative)

●        TBA - (Parent Representative)

What does the P&C do?

We focus on the following ways of supporting our school:

●        Purchase education and school equipment, resources and aids

●        Improve our school's facilities and grounds

●        Contribute to the educational processes within our school

●        Hold second-hand uniform stalls for students

●        Provide school banking service every Wednesday


How can I support the P&C?

The P&C is solely run by volunteers who donate their time and expertise. There are many ways to support our P&C:

●        Become a member - any interested parents and community members can become a member of the P&C by coming to our meetings and paying a $1 annual membership fee. As a member, you will be eligible to stand for office and vote on motions at meetings. An executive committee is elected at the AGM in November each year.

●        Attend the meetings - we meet on the third Wednesday of each month, usually in the schools "Cubby House". To cater for the needs of our school community, the meetings are run at either 9am and 6pm (decided at the previous meeting). This is where you get to receive updates from the Principal and P&C President and identify projects and allocate volunteers and financial resources.

●        Volunteer at our P&C events - we plan and run regular events and fundraising activities, from Father’s and Mother’s Day Stalls to school discos. This is a great way to meet parents at the school and form lifelong friendships.

●        Be engaged – if you are interested in helping out, donating or would like to stay updated on the P&C, contact us at


Throughout the year, the P&C organises many fundraising events, like school discos and raffles. These events help create the community environment of Green Valley Public School and also raise funds that provide extra resources and improve facilities for the students of Green Valley Public School to use, such as the school hall air-conditioners in 2018.

Funds raised through P&C fundraising activities are allocated by the P&C to meet various school needs, in consultation with the Principal and teachers.

GVPS P&C Constitution and By-Laws

GVPS P&C Code of Conduct